Saturday, March 15, 2008

import this

As we all know, "import this" will print the "Zen of Python" text. However, there's a bit more to it. I look into it, and found out that the text has a simple replacement encoding method. Of course, it only takes a single line of Python to decode it, thanks to the given hash.

from this import s, d
"Gur Mra bs Clguba, ol Gvz Crgref\n\nOrnhgvshy vf orggre guna htyl.\nRkcyvpvg vf orggre guna vzcyvpvg.\nFvzcyr vf orggre guna pbzcyrk.\nPbzcyrk vf orggre guna pbzcyvpngrq.\nSyng vf orggre guna arfgrq.\nFcnefr vf orggre guna qrafr.\nErnqnovyvgl pbhagf.\nFcrpvny pnfrf nera'g fcrpvny rabhtu gb oernx gur ehyrf.\nNygubhtu cenpgvpnyvgl orngf chevgl.\nReebef fubhyq arire cnff fvyragyl.\nHayrff rkcyvpvgyl fvyraprq.\nVa gur snpr bs nzovthvgl, ershfr gur grzcgngvba gb thrff.\nGurer fubhyq or bar-- naq cersrenoyl bayl bar --boivbhf jnl gb qb vg.\nNygubhtu gung jnl znl abg or boivbhf ng svefg hayrff lbh'er Qhgpu.\nAbj vf orggre guna arire.\nNygubhtu arire vf bsgra orggre guna *evtug* abj.\nVs gur vzcyrzragngvba vf uneq gb rkcynva, vg'f n onq vqrn.\nVs gur vzcyrzragngvba vf rnfl gb rkcynva, vg znl or n tbbq vqrn.\nAnzrfcnprf ner bar ubaxvat terng vqrn -- yrg'f qb zber bs gubfr!"
{'A': 'N',
'B': 'O',
'C': 'P',
'D': 'Q',
'E': 'R',
'F': 'S',
'G': 'T',
'H': 'U',
'I': 'V',
'J': 'W',
'K': 'X',
'L': 'Y',
'M': 'Z',
'N': 'A',
'O': 'B',
'P': 'C',
'Q': 'D',
'R': 'E',
'S': 'F',
'T': 'G',
'U': 'H',
'V': 'I',
'W': 'J',
'X': 'K',
'Y': 'L',
'Z': 'M',
'a': 'n',
'b': 'o',
'c': 'p',
'd': 'q',
'e': 'r',
'f': 's',
'g': 't',
'h': 'u',
'i': 'v',
'j': 'w',
'k': 'x',
'l': 'y',
'm': 'z',
'n': 'a',
'o': 'b',
'p': 'c',
'q': 'd',
'r': 'e',
's': 'f',
't': 'g',
'u': 'h',
'v': 'i',
'w': 'j',
'x': 'k',
'y': 'l',
'z' : 'm'}
''.join([(x in d and d[x] ) or x for x in s])
"The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters\n\nBeautiful is better than ugly.\nExplicit is better than implicit.\nSimple is better than complex.\nComplex is better than complicated.\nFlat is better than nested.\nSparse is better than dense.\nReadability counts.\nSpecial cases aren't special enough to break the rules.\nAlthough practicality beats purity.\nErrors should never pass silently.\nUnless explicitly silenced.\nIn the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.\nThere should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.\nAlthough that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.\nNow is better than never.\nAlthough never is often better than *right* now.\nIf the implementation is hard to explain, it's a bad idea.\nIf the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.\nNamespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!"

(And yes, I do realize that it is just ROT13. It would've been more interesting if they used memfrob.)

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