Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dream: Internment Camp/The Fox and the Hound

My dreams have always interested me. Some are almost normal with parts that could never happen, and others take memories from my entire lifespan and are creative with them. I mainly enjoy sleep because of the adventures in my dreams.

It started off where I had entered a place (not sure if it was a country or not) which was run by children. In the dream, I was much older than I am now, but it seemed as though I had somehow traveled through time, as the last quarter on my UW ID surprised me. I was taken into custody for being an adult, and had to show photo ID to the officers there. Unfortunately, a long-term adult holding area (which ended up a locked-down high school gym) was my destination.

When there, I found a friend of mine, and she had somehow formed a relationships with the DragonBall Z character Vegeta, who was in the 'real' world as though he always had been. Otherwise, the camp (called an 'internment camp') was full of adults who had been there for far too long, many acting like cavemen (though still wearing moderately normal clothes). The only strange thing was that these two baby-esque muppet-like characters were watching a movie on a small TV, and if anyone got close, they'd be attacked.

The Fox and the Hound

The movie was similar to Disney's production of "The Fox and the Hound," with many differences as I watched while perching atop the bleachers above. The movie was darker, and followed a somewhat different plot, involving more human-esque pranks, with two major differences I can recall:

  1. The dog's father only ended up badly injured from rescuing the fox on a snowy mountain in a horrible storm.
  2. The fox pulled a prank in which he tied a doll of some sort to a balloon, and let it float up into a tree. The old lady (from the movie) and the dog, thinking the doll was the fox, were frantic in trying to get him down, until lightning struck the tree, starting a fire and incinerating the doll. The fox appeared at the base of the tree, and was scorned as everyone ran from it.

It was an interesting take on Disney's movie, and made me want to watch their production. It's fortunate that we have it on VHS, isn't it?

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