Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nobody Escapes the Red Miles (2014-09-20)

Finally managed to get something of a real ride.

I only got in about 12 miles on a ride starting in the morning until a seat post clamp bolt gave out and left me without a usable saddle, and thus a usable bike. However:

After that failure of a ride, I took that bike to my local bike shop, only to find out that my touring bike was ready to pick up.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Ride That Wasn't Meant to be (2014-09-20)

My plan was to ride to Tacoma, but due to the bolt in my seat clamp breaking, I had to cut it rather short.

Three bad things happened:

  1. When I took my touring bike in for smaller chainrings, I found out that the rear wheel was cracked around the spoke nipples. This meant I had to use my 'spare' bike.
  2. I accidentally dropped my camera last week and it was still out for repair. I got an old E-PL1 to use in the meantime, which was pretty good since I could still use the same lenses.
  3. The real kicker: the bolt for my seat post clamp broke. Also, the bolt that holds my seat's clamp itself was stripped.

I've only had one ride fail due to mechanical issues before, but that one was more understandable. Unfortunately, I won't get the chance to ride again tomorrow.

This was my route plan. Nothing too difficult, but I wanted to be careful in case I ended up with any joint issues as this bike likely needs to be fit to me again since putting clipless pedals on it.

I found out something unfortunate when I got home:

I apologize in advance.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dream Log 2014-09-10

I had some odd dreams last night.

  1. In the first, I was hired to perform manual copying of data from documents into a database. The computers in use all ran DOS. I offered to write a program that'd automate the whole process, but they wanted to do it the manual way in order to keep people employed. I tried to explain that people would still be needed to maintain the program, but they wouldn't listen.
  2. The second dream was pretty much an episode of King of the Hill, down to the characters. It was some sort of holiday episode with a visit to a commercial slaughterhouse in order to obtain meat.
  3. The third dream starred some sort of cat-people, siblings of them. There were attempts to instill despair, followed by incest, and later murder in order to prevent the mother from stopping what was going on.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Trails Galore (2014-09-06)

A long ride covering a number of bits of bicycle infrastructure.

The trails involved:

  1. Burke-Gilman Trail
  2. Interurban Trail
  3. C Street Trai
  4. Foothills Trail
  5. Cedar River Trail
  6. I-90 Trail
  7. West Lake Sammamish Parkway Trail
  8. Sammamish River Trail
  9. Burke-Gilman Trail

And relevant albums:

Note: I recently updated my system, and the new version of Viking I ended up with is unable to generate the large maps, so I had to do the one above in pieces. Due to the time required for just that one, there won't be per-section maps.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bellingham (August 2014)

A two-day ride to Whatcom County.

NOTE: Since this ride is two days, the maps will be below the break.

Some other albums that cover areas through which I rode:

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