Friday, September 11, 2015

Looping the Lakes (2015-09-07)

After doing a Foothills loop, I did a shorter ride since I had the time.

Saturday's ride was a resounding success, so why not do another one of a decent length?

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I started a bit late, at 06:00 rather than 05:00. Of course, since this was a shorter ride, it didn't really matter.

The first leg was along the Burke-Gilman Trail, but I didn't stick to its pavement the whole way.

When I got to Woodinville, I stopped at a gas station for a bag of chips, as I was starving for some reason.

Shortly after I left Woodinville, I wanted to document the section of the Tolt Pipeline Trail that I had skipped last time based on a recommendation.

It certainly wasn't in the best shape, and the drop from the ridge was pretty steep!

Getting back to the trail, I started seeing cones, signs, and stands for a half marathon that was taking place. As I approached Redmond, it became obvious that staying on the trail wasn't the best idea, so I ended up taking a different route.

After doing a couple loops trying to figure out where I was going, I made it to the East Lake Sammamish Trail. Unlike last time, it wasn't raining a ton. I also went a bit faster as I didn't take as many photos.

There's a lot of pushback against paving the trail, which is expected considering the kind of people who live along it.

Once I got to Issaquah, I hung a left onto the Issaquah–Preston Trail to avoid traffic. Around here, the skies started becoming a little less kind.

After passing under the road to Issaquah Highlands along the trail, I started back down its other side, eventually making it to East Sunset Way, which took me to where I decided to acquire coffee.

As those who've read my posts know, I tend to find places I like and stick to them, though I don't always order the same thing each time.


To leave Issaquah, I first headed through the Rainier Greenway.

And then I started the climb up Issaquah–Hobart Road.

However, instead of continuing to Hobart, I hung a right and went past the landfill to get to the Cedar River.

And just like last time, I headed northwest along the Cedar River Trail. However, unlike last time, the rain turned to sun as I got to Renton.

Rather than taking the Lake Washington Loop to return home, I went through Renton to get to the northernmost end of the Interurban Trail.

And then I took the Green River Trail all the way north.

And the Duwamish Route to the West Seattle Bridge.

From the West Seattle Bridge to home, I went along the normal route. I did stop at my local bike shop on the way to chat.

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