Friday, July 31, 2015

East Lake Sammamish Trail & New Fit (2015-07-25)

With the new fit utilizing new muscles, my range was cut a bit. I also only had so many hours to ride this morning. Thus, I just did a short exploratory ride along the East Lake Sammamish Trail, much of which still features a gravel surface.

I also didn't have a phone on me at all during the ride, so all the tweets are from after I got home.

More after the break…

Main Ride

I started 20 or so minutes later than usual since the bike fit I had the afternoon before ran long. This started with the Burke-Gilman Trail.

The construction on SR-522 in Lake Forest Park continued from last weekend.

From time to time, I saw bits of drizzle. It wasn't really noticeable, and my wool sweater did an amazing job of keeping me warm.

Starting east of Bothell along the Sammamish River Trail, I ran through cloud after cloud of black flying insects. It would've been fine, except they kept sticking to my face because of the rain.

When I got to Marymoor, I took a short break under some trees.

And then I headed through the park to the Sammamish River Trail.

As the paving is still underway, the smooth surface gave way to gravel a couple miles down the trail.

It was actually kind of fun, though.

However, once I got closer to Issaquah, the rain strengthened. My wool sweater still did a good enough job of keeping me warm, of course.

The pavement also picked up again, and I was disappointed for some reason.

Since I didn't want to deal with traffic, I just went to the Tully's near the trail for some coffee and to ask for directions to the transit center.

Unfortunately, the directions she gave me sent me right through a major freeway interchange!

I did safely make it to the transit center, and found a payphone with which I alerted my parents of my return to Seattle in time for meeting up with them later.

One of the muscles around my knee did feel a bit bad, but that's just acclimating to the new fit.

Return Home

I got the idea of trying to locate a saddle cover with bag loop holes, and checked a couple of shops without any luck.

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