Thursday, September 10, 2015

Short Foothills Loop (2015-09-05)

To get adjusted to the new fit tweak and custom insoles, I did a shorter century. While the new tires were awesome of gravel, I did get drenched for an hour as I approached the end of my ride.

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I started at the usual time of 05:00, then headed south through downtown to get to SoDo. I then crossed the South Park Bridge and took the Green River Trail to continue to Tukwila. As I was planning to do fewer miles in the foothills due to this being a 'fit adjustment' ride, I added miles with this longer, flatter route.

While in Tukwila, I stopped at the Starbucks as I was pretty cold.

Shortly after leaving, I saw a sign showing that the branch of the trail that closed earlier in the Summer was going to remain closed for a while.

After continuing along the trail for a while, I then left it to follow the route on the other side of the river. I'd been seeing it on my rides for a long time, and was curious.

This time around, I was using a new trunk bag to carry tools and food, rather than the smaller pair of bags resting atop the rear rack or panniers.

I like the setup, even though attaching the bag takes a lot longer this way.

Shortly before its end, I switched over to the Green River Trail. I then got onto the Interurban Trail and followed it south to the C Street Trail and the East Valley Highway. Cutting through Sumner without stopping, I jumped onto the Foothills Trail shortly after crossing the Puyallup River.

When I got into Orting, I stopped by the Orting Bakery to pick up two doughnuts.

One doughnut was for me, and I traded the other for a rag at the Trailside Cyclery. I chatted with the owner and a customer who was riding a Rodriguez road bike. The latter left before I did and headed further out along the trail.


After I left and as I approached South Prairie, there was a lot going on.

And when I got to the espresso stand's trailhead, the guy riding that Rodriguez was there again. We chatted some more before I headed further out and he started heading back.

The climb up SR-162 was pretty uneventful, though I was less afraid of rolling over loose debris and leaves with these cyclocross tires.

After passing through Buckley and Enumclaw, I headed out along the road through Veazie and Cumberland.

And continued through Kanaskat. I hung a left to start heading towards Ravensdale the shorter way, then right to continue to Landsburg. Once at Landsburg, I walked around the park a bit. (The park is right on the edge of the protected Cedar River Watershed.)

Once done there, I continued my ride, taking the gravel Cedar River Trail at high speed.

A little beyond the start of the pavement, I stopped to eat.

And then continued towards Renton.

As has been something of a tradition, I stopped in Maplewood for coffee.

While there, I learned some inconvenient news:

The rain started fairly light, then got progressively worse as I headed up the Lake Washington Loop route to the Burke-Gilman Trail. It was absolutely awful by the time I got to Leschi. However, a wool sweater was all I needed to keep my torso warm; no need for a waterproof jacket at all! Also, even though neither of my bags was fully waterproof, nothing ended up too damp.

And as I approached the Arboretum, the puddles were getting all over my feet. The worst one even submerged both of them.

Homever, when I got to the Burke-Gilman Trail, it was no longer raining, thankfully.

When I got home, I immediately took a hot shower as I was still a bit cold (though not chilled) from the rain.

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