Friday, July 10, 2015

More Bike Fitting (2015-07-08)

A properly angled saddle helps a lot.

This is my third long ride in five days. As the focus was saddle adjustment, I'll be fairly terse this this post too.

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I started at the usual time of around 05:00 and took a variant on my usual route to add miles: over to 15th/Elliott and down along Alaskan Way.

I did stop for a decaf coffee and restroom in Pioneer Square.

In the industrial area that is southern Seattle, I saw some stuff being done on railroad tracks that I thought had been abandoned.

A section of trail that had been closed before was now open, though the trail mainline had some non-construction maintenance being done on it.

Kent and Auburn were still cleaning up after Independence Day

Once I crossed the Green River, I started scouting for water and ended up taking a new road into Auburn.

I did find some water at a 7 Eleven adjacent to a closed Arco.

I rejoined the trail after that, using 37th St which I recognized as a crossing.

I had to leave the trail at Main St instead of 15th St due to police activity.

I took the East Valley Highway to Sumner, then stopped briefly at Starbucks for a 1/3 regular 2/3 decaf iced coffee drink.


Heading back north, I took the west side of the valley far enough to get past the closure.

I only really stopped once I got to Kent.

Rather than taking S 196th St like normal to get to Lake Washington Loop, I took a new route.

However, looking back, it probably would've made more sense to go down to SW 27th St rather than go through the park, as I was obviously on Boeing property after doing so.

I took the Lake Washington Loop from Renton to the Burke-Gilman Trail.

However, rather than using the cool new bridge, I was forced to use the crosswalk just like before the construction. Weak sauce.

It was still rather light after I got home.

In the end, I didn't get the saddle perfect, but I did get the height right while riding around the next day.

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