Monday, March 2, 2015

Easing Back Into Things (2015-02-28)

After not having gone on a long ride for a month, I pushed ahead. It was not an easy ride at the end.

After screwing up my bike's fit in order to get my sit bone onto my saddle's leather instead of the metal, getting myself really sick after riding with a cold necessitating a week off the bike, being too stubborn to get the bike fit since I plan to sell it in favor of something even fancier eventually, and trying hard one last time, I gave up a long ride for another weekend due to fear of injury. I did go on a sizable photo walk that weekend, though.

I put my foot down and got the bike fit the week before this ride, and boy was it needed!

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I started at the traditional time of 05:00 and headed south. I felt some pressure on an uncomfortable spot forward of my sit bones, so I tweaked the saddle adjustment a little here and there until I found a good spot.

Riding along 1st Ave S near the stadiums was irritating as always. It's like they don't bother changing the signal timing in the early morning when nobody is around.

One notable thing about this leg was how early sunrise took place. It honestly caught me off guard. There was also a pretty significant northerly wind, which was very nice to have, as were the clear skies

When I got to the Interurban Trail, I noticed that all the Green River Trail detour signs were gone. Apparently, it opened up a couple weeks back. My return trip on this ride included provisions for a detour, but I struck them from my mind.

I stopped in Kent for water, and ended up getting a tiny amount of coffee. That might've not been a good idea, considering how tired I ended up later.

I deviated from the trail at NW 15th St, taking the C St Trail to get to the E Valley Highway. Rather than sticking to it all the way to Sumner, however, I left it via the little tunnel to head to Sumner Link Trail/White River Trail.

I was a bit confused when I saw this bit of pavement end at a sidewalk with not even a curb ramp. My GPS said to go all the way to the next light, then come back, which I did. There was no curb ramp near the entrance of the main part of the trail, either. Weak sauce, Sumner.

The trail itself was pretty nice otherwise.

This bridge had a grated deck, but there was texturing on the top part akin to what some metal staircases have.

The trail split from the White River, and gave a view of the farms and business parks in the area.

And then it rejoined the river.

I then hit the end of the trail, where one is forced into bike lanes.

And I saw where another part of the trail merges back with this one. It's apparently a loop as shown on the map.

The bike lanes ended fairly soon and I had to contend with light traffic. I was headed for a certain intersection, though, so it meant I needed to make a left.

This intersection is one I've seen fairly often on my rides, as I'd frequently stop at the Starbucks there for coffee.

Oddly, I saw more cyclists in the Auburn/Algona/Pacific/Sumner area that I did elsewhere on my ride.


I then headed back via my typical route along the W Valley Highway, fighting the same winds.

The winds were far worse on the Interurban Trail, but I kept pushing ahead.

I left the Interurban Trail for the Green River Trail, which was nice because I got breaks and boosts from the wind as the latter winds around rather than shooting straight north. Even so, I was doing pretty poorly.

I got to where I saw the detour last time, and it was indeed gone. Thus, I stuck to the trail.

The trail was closed due to levee work, which also included a trail widening with lovely fresh pavement.

The little branch to 68th Ave S was still closed, though. It was open last time I was here, back when the mainline was closed.

I kept pushing forward, getting past where the Interurban Trail ends at the north. I stopped for a smoothie since I felt like I hadn't been eating enough on this ride.

I saw the Green River Trail to its end, then took the normal Duwamish Route. The winds had died down at least some, so I felt helpful.

The route had recently been upgraded, so I wanted to check out the new stuff. I distinctly recall the street the old route used having horrendous pavement.

The new off-street route was a major improvement.

Spinning in a low gear, I continued to follow the Duwamish Route to the West Seattle Bridge, crossed it, then took E Marginal Way S and the trail mess around the viaduct demolition.

Then I used Yesler Way to cut over to the 2nd Ave cycletrack, only to find a truck blocking it.

I walked around that, then took my normal route home. While doing so, I was waved down by one of my LBS guys, who told me that one of the mechanics found something odd in the handlebars of a used bike I bought and dropped off there.

And then I made it home just fine.

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