Monday, July 6, 2015

Arlington Again (2015-07-03)

After leveling out Red Miles's saddle, I tried my wrench at fitting it again. I got it pretty close, but still need to tweak it again with fresh knees.

Since I did two centuries on this weekend, I'm going to be more terse than usual with these posts.

More after the break…


I started at about 05:20 or so and headed out along the Burke-Gilman Trail.

The detour that's been in place for quite some time was finally open! It was a bit nostalgic seeing the old stuff I'd been skipping over for so long, but my favorite change was the new trail overpass to the Lake Washington Loop.

When I got to Kenmore, I found a couple of cool folks riding some nice steel.

They both had the VO 50.4 BCD crankset on their bikes.

Also while at the park, I found another customer at my local bike shop that I knew, and some I'd never seen before.

I left the trail in Bothell and took Bothell–Everett Highway to head towards Canyon Park. Folks were ready for the Independence Day Parade already!

I stopped by my parents' place to chat for a bit and pick up a gift they had for me, then headed up through Mill Creek. Rather than going to Everett, however, I hung a right early and eventually ended up in the Snoqualmie Valley.

I then passed through Snohomish and eventually found another rando guy around Lake Stevens.

When I got to Arlington, I found that the main reason for my choice of route on this ride was closed.

Feeling pretty darn thirsty, I stopped by a local restaurant for a lot of water and a milkshake.


On the way back, I stopped by the Rock City Cafe for an iced coffee beverage.

As usual, I took SR-9 back to Woodinville. It was really hard on my knees as I was trying to see if that saddle position would work. It obviously didn't.

The position didn't cut pain entirely, but it did reduce the pain from earlier.

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