Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting Back in the Swing (2015-02-14)

After my last ride left me rather ill, I haven't felt enough to ride all the following week. I managed to commute to work the second week, but this was my first long ride since then.

The last big ride ended up making me far sicker and more worn out at the end, so I decided to do a shorter one this time. I've done this leg so often that I'm not really inspired enough to dig up photos.

More after the break…

Main Ride

I started at 05:00 as usual, and ended up riding through rain for the first couple hours or so.

South Lake Union featured multiple street closures, so I had to make more than one detour.

However, I was able to ride on 2nd Avenue the whole way through downtown despite the street closure. The police officer even waved me through the intersection at the far end when there was no cross-traffic regardless of the red light.

The fit didn't seem right: I either could be further back on the saddle and cause my knees discomfort, or up where I was last time and cause my thighs to feel pain.

The rain stopped at some point on the Interurban Trail, which made the ride far more pleasant. There were even some patches of clear sky.

When I got to Tacoma, it was bright and sunny. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling it so I stopped for coffee in Tacoma.

I then rode up and down the hill of S Tacoma Way, ending at Tacoma Dome Station adjacent to where I had stopped for coffee just before.

After a short wait, it was time for the bus ride back to Seattle.

Bus Ride

It started to be cloudy on the way back to Seattle. Certainly not as nice as back in Pierce County.

Return Home

On the way home from downtown, I stopped for groceries, and then hit up my local bike shop to chat for a bit.

I have since learned that this saddle height causes me to point my toes upward, which is also bad. I need to work on the fit still.

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