Friday, May 30, 2008

Everything Back to Normal

All of the issues from last weekend have been of last weekend. I've still been out of it, so this post is late:

  • Paladin: With the PSU replaced, it runs just fine with the 8800 GS, albeit more loudly than before. I finally got around to setting up the 32-bit chroot for compiling libraries needed for 32-bit programs in x86 mode.
  • Blueflash: I can't even remember if I mentioned this, but a world upgrade on Blueflash brought in OpenRC. This caused the init system to fail spectacularly, to the point where I had to start all services manually with an Awk script, and have the system shut down without stopping them. I did ask for help at the Gentoo forums, but ended up just reinstalling the entire system. Thankfully, I keep /home mounted in a separate partition and managed to save nearly all of my settings. The install took 3 days to compile everything, and fixed an issue where my system HW clock woludn't get set on shutdown: it was a kernel config change. Now, it's as though nothing has changed, except everything's up-to-date.

It's good to have things back to normal.

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