Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cedar and Green Rivers (2016-11-19)

Managed to barely avoid rain while trying to figure out what my right knee really wants.

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The weather's been pretty bad up here, so I was glad to finally get a chance at a proper ride, and a chance to narrow down what my legs want.

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Part 1: To Landsburg

I started at about 05:00 and headed south through downtown. There wasn't much rain at that point, so I simply took the usual route.

I got onto the Green River Trail in Tukwila, then got off it at the train station, and went through downtown Renton to get to the Cedar River Trail. The route I chose took me along Houser Way, which is a weird mix of alternating one-way bits and a railroad line.

Once on the trail, I proceeded along it all the way to the end of pavement, but stopped for a bit to get some coffee before continuing on the gravel.

Even though I had narrower tires than my first time out here, I had an easier time because of the different geometry and loading.

Once I got to Landsburg, I meandered around a little before turning back.

Part 2: Landsburg to Kent

The ride back was a bit easier because of the downhill grade, but I still was dealing with knee issues.

When I got to Maplewood, I checked the weather and got some coffee. The weather suggested that I shouldn't spend too much more time out…

…But when I got to Tukwila, it was only partly cloudy in the Green River Valley, so I just went back to my route.

Kent's been working on putting another access point to the Interurban Trail in, which is nice for folks who work in the factories and warehouses in the area.

I stopped one last time for water when I got to Kent, adding some coffee onto the order as well.

Part 3: Return Home

To head home, I went south to the Green River Trail, went along it for a short while, then jumped over to Frager Road. When I reached the current end of it, however, I went past it.

This eventually brought me to a gravel road that continued to the next bridge over the Green River.

I also saw bicycle access points from the bridge, which led me to this conclusion:

Comments on the Flickr photos seem to indicate that my conclusion was indeed correct. That definitely explains why some maps show the path continuing to Southcenter Way!

I then got back on the Green River Trail at the trailhead across the bridge, and continued north to Seattle.

When I rode through Pioneer Square, I saw a familiar face ride by.

However, I had a less-than-pleasant experience when climbing up a familiar hill whose bike lanes have been blocked by fences for months.

Some passing pedestrians managed to fix my mood, and I put it out of my mind for the rest of the ride.

I got home somewhat late for the distance, but that's pretty much guaranteed considering the fit issues I'd been fighting, and all the adjustments I'd been attempted.

In the end, I still didn't quite get it right. I went to one of the best bicycle fitters in the city, going in with the knowledge that my legs are asymmetrical, and he was able to get it a lot closer than I ever was. In short: my saddle was far too low.

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