Friday, January 9, 2015

Quilcene II (2015-01-03)

Headed out to Quilcene again to try my hand at panoramas.

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Part 1: To Seattle Ferry Terimnal

I started at the normal time of 05:00 and took the same route as a few days ago to get to the ferry terminal.

Part 2: Kitsap and Jefferson

And just like normal, I went along the highway across Bainbridge Island to Poulsbo, but when I went on Little Valley Road I found that it was newly dead-ended. Instead, I got onto Bond Road, then made a left, and discovered that the county is working on a bike-only route for Little Valley Road.

I then got on SR-3 and took it to SR-104, then took that across the Hood Canal Bridge and over the Quimper Peninsula's base.

I had to make a very careful crossing of a ramp at and make a left at the interchange in order to start heading south on US 101.

It was a pretty simple ride along US 101 as it usually is. The bike really felt heavy at this time, and my legs had to continue their slow adjustment to the correct fit (my touring Cross-check still needed work at the time due to the knee pain on the last ride.

I then hit Quilcene proper.

While at the store, I had some hot cocoa and made use of the facilities (a porta-potty out back).

I then went to the actual endpoint of the outbound portion of my ride.

And started heading back right after.

A ways up Center Road, I met another cyclist on a rather fancy piece of equipment.

His bike was set up with caliper brakes and 32mm Marathon Plus tires (the same as on the bike I was riding). He said he usually rides much thinner tires in the Summer, and has toured with loads both on the front and back (though his bike was without racks at the time).

We went our separate ways after we ate. He took Dabob Road in order to avoid the traffic for a bit (he said it circles back to Center Road), while I continued along Center Road.

I then made my way back along SR-104 to the Hood Canal Bridge.

And then headed along SR-3 all the way into Bremerton, making good use of the freeway's shoulders.

I'm really happy with that 20mm f/1.7 lens, by the way. I wouldn't be able to take photos like that with my camera's stock zoom lens.

There were at least three or four announcements about a grey Toyota Corolla S which had its alarm going.

Part 3: Return Home

From the ferry terminal, I took a fairly normal route home. That 2nd Ave cycletrack is pretty nice because it means I don't have to deal with getting to 4th Ave from the terminal, which was always tedious in the past.

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