Monday, January 5, 2015

Centennial Trail II (2014-12-27)

Getting tired of rain and caffeine. Friction shifting is cool, though.

NOTE: It's been over a week since I did this ride, so I won't remember all the details correctly.

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I started at 05:00 as usual along my normal route north out of Seattle, riding the same bike as last time. The rain wasn't too bad unlike that time, so I didn't have much of an issue.

However, the indexing on the shifters was rather unhelpful. I tried to figure out which way I had to turn the barrel adjuster to increase tension on the relevant cable, but gave up and switched it to friction shifting. In reality, it wasn't any worse so I stuck with it.

I eventually made it to the Rock City Cafe, where I wasn't alone. I thought to myself that I want to join one of these rides someday on my fancy new Surly Pacer.

I think I had an americano made with lukewarm water as I asked, but I can't recall exactly.

Next up, I went up to and along the Centennial Trail. I was surprised to see the "little free library" along the trail upgraded to a huge degree.

I came across what may be a future entrance to the Centennial Trail north of Lake Stevens.

I then stopped by what was probably the original northern trailhead of the trail, which I'd never done before.

Then I continued north.

When I got to Arlington, I had hoped to use the restroom for both the tapwater and the toilet, but it was all locked up without notice, which I've never seen before there.

So instead of taking care of business there, I stopped by the Local Scoop (which now goes by a new name I can't remember) for soup, coffee, and the facilities. The coffee helped as the rain was getting worse at this point.

And then further north I continued, along the trail and SR-9 as is my norm, to Lake McMurray. I stopped at the little convenience store and chatted with the older Japanese women as I always enjoy doing.

At this point, the caffeine was really getting to me and I wanted to minimize the amount I was taking in.


The rain continued to pour as I started on my way back south. I can't recall when, but I know I put latex gloves on under my riding gloves (a trick I learned last week) as the latter were soaked.

I saw something pretty cool on the last leg of the trail north of Arlington.

Knowing that Legion Park was closed, I stopped by another cafe in downtown Arlington for both coffee and a bathroom.

The rain died down signicantly after I left the cafe, and was completely gone when I started up Culpeper Hill on the trail.

For some reason, it was really smoky in Lake Stevens.

Since the clouds were gone and a northerly wind was blowing, it started to become frigid. I kept pushing along to Snohomish to keep warm.

My gloves were still drenched and cold, but the bike shop that contains this cafe was still open.

The gloves took some getting used to, but the bar-end shifters on this bike didn't really demand much dexterity.

I kept riding without pushing too hard as my legs weren't too happy at this point. The new gloves were amazing and my hands were even starting to sweat a bit even though they would've still been fairly cold in the other gloves when dry at the ambient temperature.

And after I got home, I went out to get some cereal as not stopping to eat was definitely taking its toll.

My touring bike is getting a new dynamo wheen, so this bike is getting the old one.

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