Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I wish I had brought my camera (2015-01-19)

I forgot my camera at home this time, so I don't really have any photos. My plan was to ride to Lake Chaplain, but I decided against it since I didn't have my camera. After I got home, I found out that the only way to access it is via gravel roads.

Since I didn't really take any photos, I only have maps from the ride. Here are some photos from the areas through which I rode, though:

More after the break…

Also, as it turns out, it looks like Lake Chaplain can only be accessed via gravel (though I can't quite tell based on the terrible image quality). I'm not quite ready for that yet, so it might've been for the best to not try so soon.

Below was my route plan to get out there (in red).


I started at about 05:00 and headed north on my typical route.

When I got to Fremont Ave, a guy on a really squeaky single-speed was also riding along. I mentioned how bikes shouldn't squeak and he didn't take too kindly to the comment. Thankfully, we parted ways fairly quickly.

When I got to my first food stop, I realized something that made me decide to do a 'whatever' ride.

Of course, I didn't just give up and turn home. I kept going along my normal route, including the awful section of the Interurban Trail between the Alderwood Mall and I-5.

It was a pretty quiet ride the whole way to Snohomish; nice and relaxing other than all the noise from running over detritus left by the recent storm.

While I didn't intend to get anything at the Rock City Cafe in this direction, I got an Italian soda.

I then headed up along the Centennial Trail as usual. I wished I had traditional road bends at this point, as ergo bends don't seem as comfortable anymore due to the lack of a level, flat part.

Shifting wasn't very good on the rear, but that was just cable stretch. Throughout the ride, I kept gradually increasing tension using the barrel adjuster and shifting kept getting better.

Aside from some families taking up the whole width of the trail (bell time), it continued being a quiet ride all the ride to Arlington. The sunny weather was a nice touch, too.


From there, I started heading home. As always, Culpeper Hill was a little slow.

After a while, I noticed my knees not feeling quite right, but I pushed on.

Unlike on past rides, I arrived at the Rock City Cafe rather early. Also unlike on past rides, I just had a double americano with some of the food I already had rather than the more typical triple mocha.

I only stayed for a bit, put on my shoe covers in preparation for the lone rain cloud in the area, then started along the steep hill that is SR-9. I seemed noticeably slower than usual, and my knees were still unhappy. I thought I might've just fallen out of shape, but that didn't seem likely since I had just done a much longer distance last week.

I really lamented the fact that I can't use my mountain crank's big ring with my road derailleur during the downhill bit after the climb. I did manage to get it over there for the last portion of it, thankfully.

Rather than eating at that park, I just used the restroom and continued along my way. My alarm went off when I got to Blyth Park in Bothell, so I stopped there to eat instead.

From there, my knees were pretty darn unhappy until I realized something when I hit Lake City:

With that, I scooted back so my sit bones were on the metal part at the back of the saddle. While my rear received quite a pounding from the tree roots covered with a thin layer of asphalt that comprise the Burke-Gilman Trail, my knees felt far better. I was finally able to get spinning fast as I should.

However, when I got to the intersection of 30th Ave NE and the BGT, I found a detour. Rather than dealing with all of the stupid detours SDOT keeps piling on trail users, I just look Montlake Boulevard NE and NE Pacific St all the way until Latona Ave NE, where I rejoined the trail. I can't be the only one who's annoyed by this sort of stuff.

From there, I just continued along the BGT all the way to Ballard, then took city streets home as usual.

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