Monday, October 20, 2014

Snohomish Bowtie (2014-10-18)

A fairly mundane ride centered around the city of Snohomish.

NOTE:A fairly mundane ride centered around the city of Snohomish. I was having trouble getting my camera to focus, so I manually sharpened a few of these after the fact.

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Part 1: To Snohomish

I started at the usual time of 05:00, and headed out along the Burke-Gilman Trail through the rain. It kind of reminded me of fog with its limited visibility.

I continued along it through Bothell, avoiding the Sammamish River Trail until 102 Ave NE, when I cut over to it.

I left that trail for the Redmond Central Connector and then headed up along Avondale Road and Novelty Hill Road.

Novelty Hill Road wasn't too easy, but it wasn't as bad as a later hill.

I barreled down into the Snoqualmie River Valley, then made a left to follow the western edge of it. In the past, I would often hang a right at Crescent Lake Road, but I instead continued north. High Bridge Road wasn't too easy, with numerous steep grades, and, of course, no shoulder in most places. One cool part was a short bridge over which the road ran.

I then passed under SR-522, with the new bridge construction underway. At this point, the rain came and went periodically.

The porta-potty there wasn't locked, which made it very convenient.

I hung a right onto Connelly Road, which was a lot flatter.

This took me to a spot where the road passed under the old Woodinville Subdivision.

I soon met up with Broadway, then headed straight for downtown Snohomish where I got a hot chocolate to escape the rain.

There were a bunch of other cyclists (roadies) there who were admiring the wheel lock on my bike. We chatted a bit before I headed on my way.

Part 2: To Granite Falls

I left Snohomish via the lower river route, and rode through Everett.

My route took me under Pacific Avenue and up a much smaller road.

There was a closed road on my route, so I had to take a parallel street instead.

I took my typical route along SR-529 to get to Marysville.

But then I hung a right onto 88th St NE, which took me up the steepest hill I've ever managed to haul a bike up, at least for that kind of distance.

From there, I just followed the road to SR-92, then continued the couple miles into Granite Falls.

I headed into a local diner to check out their ice cream, but the service was slow enough to discourage me. I started heading along SR-92 toward Lake Stevens shortly after.

Once in Lake Stevens, headed south along the Centennial Trail toward Snohomish.

I was thinking about getting an egg nog latte, but the guy already had my normal triple mocha ready when I went up there to pay. Next time, then.

In the past, I've noticed that I keep getting a "chain tattoo" on my inner right leg. I've mulled the idea of getting a real one there, but that hasn't happened yet.

Before I left, I chatted bikes with some of the shop folks (the cafe is inside the bike shop). Apparently, a shop can only carry a major brand's bikes (Giant, Trek, Specialized, etc.) if they don't sell any other major brands.

Part 4: Return Home

I then proceeded along my normal route south out of Snohomish, my XT cassette making it much easier than it had been in the past.

And then I headed home along the Burke-Gilman Trail. I felt stronger and faster than I would've normally been at that point, as this ride had been shorter overall.

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