Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the Way to the British Isles

NOTE: The big post is here, but I wanted to gather the tweets and whatnot from my way to London Heathrow as well.

From home to downtown, I hauled all of my gear on my folding bicycle. Something about having everything above and behind my rear wheel bothered me, so I didn't continue this arrangement for the rest of my trip.

Next up came the train, which brought me to the airport where I dealt with secuity and whatnot.

Of course, when we flew by Mount Ranier, I had to take this photo. (Everyone commented on it being on an Alaska Airlines flight.)

I spent much of my idle time on this portion of my journey reading my Kindle, whose battery didn't last much longer than the two flights. Even charging it didn't seem to help much for some reason.

I really didn't like the weather in Los Angeles (my layover). Thankfully, the layover was only a few hours.

I also got some £ for after my next flight.

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