Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Old Story: "The Kitsune-Ookami"

This is very old stuff I happened upon while looking through my website's archive. As far as I can tell, it's from when I was in late junior high, around six years ago. It does bring back memories, though. I'm a bit embarrassed to post it, but it's not as bad as it could be.

I am the wolf/fox hybrid. I was created in a lab accident by my guardian. I have been kept in a cage until recently. I broke out in a release of my rage in the form of demonic energy. Beware, for it may happen again. The darkness in my soul has settled, but it'll rise again.

It started off when I was eight. My parents had died recently, and I had be wandering about aimlessly. A kind old man had been sitting beneath a tree. Being as curious as I had been, I walked toward him. He looked at me and said, "Hello, young one. What brings you over here?"
I responded by saying, "I have nowhere to go. My parents died."
"Aww...you need someone to care for you."
I looked down, tears forming in my eyes.
"Well, I'll take you in."
I looked up at him and smiled weakly, "Okay."

He took me to his huge castle, which scared me. I put my hands over my eyes.
"Don't be afraid, young one."
I nodded lightly and entered.
We entered a long hall. A few of the things he showed me scared me. When we reached the end of the hall, he showed me a door. I pushed the door open, and saw a nice bedroom. There was a red velvet king size bed. There were also a lot of dressers about.
I said, wide-eyed, "Is this my room?"
He nodded lightly.
I ran with glee as I went to jump on the large bed...

The years passed by. I grew into a healthy, strong teenager. I learned by reading books from his large library. I later found his name to be Professor Motoko. It was all good, until one day...

I was walking along, still as curious as ever. I came across this big steel door, which I have never seen before. I tilted my head and walked toward it. When I grasped the black handle, it was oddly warm. I pushed the door inward, a loud, resounding creak occurring. When I walked in, I found it to be a long passage, with a bright light at the end. I walked toward the light, almost intrigued by it. When I reached it, I found it to be above. I looked up and found it to be a large bulb. I blinked, baffled. Turning my head downward again, I noticed a bright green light far off to the left. I walked toward it, only to find Professor Motoko working with some huge black thing. I looked at him.
"What's this thing?"
He looked at me with a crazy look in his eyes, "Oh no, you can't be here!"
I walked toward him. He jumped down and ran at me. I felt a blow to my right as I was knocked into a huge clear chamber with a huge metal band around it, a black cap on top, and wires coming out of it. He messed with a whole bunch of different things, running around the lab like mad. A chain was pulled, a switched was flipped, and a button was pushed.

A bright light enveloped me. A great pain cut through me like a knife. I winced, falling to my knees. The pain became greater as I fell to my side, passing out.

After much time, the blackness behind my eyelids became red. When I opened my eyes, the redness remained. I felt a great power within myself. I found myself growling, my eyes narrow. A great rage started to form, unprovoked. The power started to flow from my fingertips. As I looked at my body, the blue glow enveloped the entire thing. My fingers arched as long, metal claws came from my fingertips. I slowly moved my fingers individually, feeling a great desire to destroy. My eyes focused upon the containment chamber. I outstretched my arm, my claws extended. My arm trusted downward, shattering the side of the big case.

I walked forward, out of the clear prison. My eyes traced the surroundings as I continued to walk. As I got to the edge of the room, my newly formed fox-like ear twitched as a sound entered it. I turned around to find Motoko with a huge rod. He whacked it against me. My energy levels drained, my oversized body collapsing. I passed out.

My body twitched as I awoke, finding myself in a huge metal cage. I leaped upward, my head hitting the top. I charged at the side of the cage, my hands gripping the bars tightly. I managed to rattle it, but was unable to break it. The redness in my eyes grew deeper as my body heated up. The glow from my body turned white as I fell to my knees, my fingers curled lightly. My body trembled as the power overcame me. The red turned to white as everything faded.

When the white cleared, I found rubble surrounding me. My eyes narrowed as the natural light flooded inward. My feet paced forward across the wooden rubble, my balance unsteady. As I look downward, I found my feet to have gotten a lot smaller, as if they were paws. My eyes crossed, only to find a large nose residing upon my face. I looked to my hands, finding that they were similar as before, only covered in a dark orange and brown fur. The wind began to blow lightly, but instead of feeling it against my skin, I felt some waving. I look around at my body, finding it covered in fur with colors ranging from the dark orange to a deep brown with hints of silver. I began to pace again. As my feet went over a hard, round thing, I looked down. My eyes set upon the remains of Professor Motoko's skull. A deep growl resounded in my throat. I shook it off and continued to walk. My body turned to the path leading away from the castle as my feet paced forward.

I took one last look at the ruins through the corner of my eye, before snorting and facing away. My feet began to pace forward, away from the memories. My anger clouded my mind. My thoughts were:

"How could he ever do this to me?"
"Why would he be doing this?"
"Was I taken in to be an experiment?"

The anger never even touched on sadness. As I thought about this, I found myself walking upon all for limbs, my hands transformed into paws. I walked on all fours, as if it was natural.

A hunger formed in my stomach as I walked. I had a bizarre taste for blood. My pacing quickened, the hunger growing. My narrowed eyes shifted about, scanning the terrain for any signs of movement. They spied one bit of movement between the trees. My trot became a brisk walk, then a run as I followed the movement. My body dropped to the ground silently. I felt my legs instantly straighten, my body being forced through the air as I landed upon my prey, a large male deer. I sunk my elongated teeth into its neck, the blood entering my mouth. The taste made my vision tint a brighter red. As my teeth dug deeper, the spine of the neck snapped. The body of the deer went limp. My mouth pulled from its neck and lunged at the body. The fangs dug in as I pulled my mouth from the large body rapidly. The crimson fluid stained the pelt of the animal. As I tore at the body rapidly, more and more red tissue became exposed. Me mouth returned to its side as my teeth into it. I pulled out a mouthful and swallowed...

After several minutes of scouring the deer of its soft tissues, only the bone remained. The hunger had disappeared. A strong urge to rest formed within me. I paced toward a bush and around it. As to my amazement, a gray-furred creature rested behind it. I stepped towards it, sniffing the fur. I found the pheromones of a female being admitted by this creature. Seeing no reason not to, I laid my body beside hers, my side pressing to hers. My eyelids relaxed as my they slowly closed...

After what seemed for days, I felt pressure upon my muzzle. This pressure was odd, due to the fact moisture was left by the movement. My eyes opened slowly, the red tint gone. For once, I felt calm, relaxed. My first sight as my eyes opened, a large gray beast. I felt the urge to jump, yet it subsided as I smelled the pheramones I have noticed from before. My head slowly raised, becoming level with the grey, furry creature's. As my legs began to take my weight, lifting it slowly, the female slipped beneath me slowly, brushing against a tender spot. If I were to still be human, this would be a blushing moment. I looked to my opposite side, her slipping outwards from beneath me in that direction. She lightly touched her nose to mine. My eyes widened slightly as I felt her cold, wet nose against mine. I knew that she has become interested in me, yet I could see no reason why.

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