Saturday, April 19, 2008

New PC: Phenom

My father gave me a brand new computer today, with a Phenom 9500 in it. It's a great machine, and I'm very happy to receive it. The case is pretty cool, too: the entire front is a grille, even the covers to the drive bays.

Although I'm happy with it, things started to turn bad when I began compiling a Gentoo install. It seemed to run well at first, until I got to larger packages, such as Perl and Glibc. Packages began to fail with "internal compiler error: segmentation fault" and mentioning that these errors aren't reproducible, and that they're likely hardware issues (I've had experience like this before, with both overclocking and overheating, but this CPU isn't overclocked to my knowledge). I found out that these problems are reduced by setting the number of parallel Make jobs to one or two, but that increases build time. Hopefully I'll find out the problem if I can ever get a system running.

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