Saturday, January 9, 2016

More Fog, Ice, and Bruised Ribs (2016-01-09)

It seemed like it'd be a great day for a long ride, but the freezing fog in the morning made for dangerous conditions. I went down in the early morning, but kept going until the pain in my ribs prevented me from being able to ride properly. Giving, up, I took the bus home.

After a couple rides cut short due to sheet ice, I thought I'd try to go out riding again. Boy, it was a mistake.

Heading out into the foothills would've been fun, but floods closed the trails, which means I probably won't be able to do that again for a long time.

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I started at about 05:00 or so, then headed south. I stopped periodically to adjust the position of my new saddle, which definitely behaved differently from my old one. It was much more comfortable and less saggy, too.

After crossing the Fremont Bridge, I decided to take the Westlake Parking lot so I wouldn't hurt my knees by climbing up a steep grade. This turned out to be a terrible idea, as shortly after entering it, I encountered black ice. While I was able to stay upright a for few 'swings,' I went down on the pavement and landed on the ribs on my left side.

Shortly after I collected myself, another guy came down the trail and almost went down, too. He said that a lady who was headed up the trail encountered the same thing, and we walked together for a while. He decided to get into the street before I did, which was also a bit dicey.

Eventually, I decided to do the same, finding the street to not be too slick.

I rode along 9th Ave N rather than Dexter Ave N for whatever reason, and when I went to cross Mercer St, I had to use the crosswalk because the signal there is poorly configured. Unfortunately, the sidewalk was also covered in invisible ice, so I had a lot of trouble every time I wasn't in a car lane.

I kept it in my head to stay in the road as much as possible, as the car exhaust probably has been warming the ice until it melted along the roads.

When I had to cross the UP Argo Yard, I walked up the sidewalk slope to make sure it wasn't icy, then rode very carefully until I got back into the road.

It was pretty cold riding past Boeing Field and the Museum of Flight, but I managed to stay warm enough. I made appropriate saddle adjustments bit by bit, and during one of those times I chatted with an old guy (probably a Boeing employee) about how the weather today is not like what it was when he was younger.

I continued for a while, but by the time I just got past I-405, I noticed that starting and stopping hurt my ribs too much, so I gave up to prevent further injury.


Since I obviously couldn't ride the whole way home due to the pain, I just took the bus back downtown. I did attempt to ride home from downtown, but that wasn't happening.

Thus, I took the bus the rest of the way home.

After I got home, I stopped at a clinic to have it checked out, and they said it wasn't broken ribs, so I got lucky.

To clarify, those are studded bicycle tires. I don't know how often I'll use them, though.

Looks like I won't be riding for a while.

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