Thursday, October 29, 2015

5:15 Pacer to Orting (2015-10-24)

This was my Surly Pacer's first long ride, and it definitely was faster than my touring bikes!

There really isn't too much to this ride as I had to get back home for an event at a reasonable hour.

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As indicated by the title, I started at about 05:15, using my normal route out of Seattle, leading to the Interurban Trail via Tukwila. I was riding Surly Pacer on its first real ride this time.

While the Pacer was fast from the start, it really was something once my body had adjusted to it. The handling was much more snappy and intuitive than that of my other bikes.

I don't think I used the bottom two gears on this ride at all.

I ended up getting biscuits and sausage gravy with the coffee. I was surprised at how fast the service was there despite the crowds.

When I left there, I just headed down A street all the way until Sumner, then went east to edge along the bottom of the mesa. Once past SR-410, I was chased for a while.

I crossed the Puyallup River into Alderton, avoiding making use of SR-162.

And then took the Foothills Trail to Orting where I hit up the bike shop there to chat.

Another guy (regular customer) spent a lot of time talking about his situation: most stock bikes are too small for him, but he doesn't want to shell out money for something he hasn't test ridden yet. I kept telling him "Surly Ogre" based on his intended uses, but since most shops don't stock Surly bikes, especially the largest sizes, he didn't seem to accept the advice.

I then stopped by the Orting Bakery for coffee yet again, and a doughnut.


Heading back north, I definitely felt some headwinds.

Rather than taking my typical route back north through Sumner by exiting the Foothills Trail at Pioneer Way and hanging a left on SR-162, I went through Puyallup via the northwesternmost trailhead. I then took the East Valley Highway all the way up to Algona, then the Interurban Trail to the Green River Trail.

The windy routing of the Green River Trail does have its downsides, but at least it made keeping speed up not too difficult.

I stuck to the Green River Trail all the way to South Park, then crossed the Duwamish River via the South Park Bridge.

And then I went up East Marginal Way, 4th Avenue S, 1st Avenue S, and eventually East Marginal Way yet again as it turned into a smaller street with bike lanes. This got me to downtown, where I took the usual route home, though much more slowly than usual as my legs felt much weaker than usual.

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