Thursday, May 7, 2015

Conway (2015-05-02)

A ride with fitting along the way. The end result seems good.

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I started at 05:00 like usual. Unlike usual, however, I went along the Burke-Gilman Trail, up Stone Way, and around Green Lake to eventually start heading north. Since I wanted to focus on fitting the bike, the climb straight up from my place didn't seem like the best idea.

Once I got to the Interurban Trail, I went on my typical route along it to Lynnwood, then continued on back roads as usual to Everett.

I stopped in Everett for water and some hot chocolate, then continued north along SR-529.

When I got to the Pioneer Highway, I made a left and headed out along the Stillaguamish River. Out here, I passed through Silvana.

From there, I continued along the valley, but left the highway in favor of Normal Road in order to escape traffic. The northerly winds were getting pretty strong out here, as there aren't many hills between the valley and wide, open water.

I got to Stanwood, and passed right through without dealing with much traffic.

I also found a road that seemed to have been cut in two by a railroad.

When I got to 'Milltown,' I was reminded of the lady who lives in the upper part of a building that is largely falling apart, who I met on a ride in the area a while back.

While eating there, I saw a few others ride through. Some said they were from Burlington, so I knew I was near another area of civilization.

Continuing north against the winds, I passed through Conway.

While there, I realized that there were two 76 gas stations there: one on either side of I-5.

It was here where I started heading east, up and over the big hill that is SR-534. The winds basically blew me over the hill, so it was rather easy.

As usual, I stopped in Lake McMurray.


I to head home, I simply went along SR-9 for the few miles, then along the Centennial Trail.

When I got to Legion Park, I chatted with some other cyclists who were there.

Then I continued south, and after I had gone through Lake Stevens I ended up riding with a group of three or so people. It was pretty easy since there was still a strong northerly wind and my panniers acted as sails.

One guy wasn't paying attention and had a little scrape with the guy riding beside him, but they were only slowed down a bit. They did eventually drop me, though, as the bike fit still was a tiny bit off.

When I got to downtown Snohomish, I stopped for coffee. In the middle of drinking it, I chatted with one guy who was riding a nice steel bike with a bunch of others on carbon. He really knew his stuff!

From Snohomish, I went straight over SR-9 to Woodinville, then got onto the Sammamish River Trail without stopping. Rather than using my typical connection between the Sammamish River Trail and Burke-Gilman Trail, however, I used one a bit further west. It was nice because I didn't have to deal with any car traffic.

The fit was just so close, but my knees still hurt a tad. I thought it was just wear, but it got me to thinking.

As expected, folks riding poorly-maintained bikes were all over the place.

I eventually ended up making a couple tiny adjustments when near the high point of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake City, which completed the fit from what I could tell.

The rest of the way home was rather uneventful, but I did make it home before dark.

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