Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Ride That Wasn't Meant to be (2014-09-20)

My plan was to ride to Tacoma, but due to the bolt in my seat clamp breaking, I had to cut it rather short.

Three bad things happened:

  1. When I took my touring bike in for smaller chainrings, I found out that the rear wheel was cracked around the spoke nipples. This meant I had to use my 'spare' bike.
  2. I accidentally dropped my camera last week and it was still out for repair. I got an old E-PL1 to use in the meantime, which was pretty good since I could still use the same lenses.
  3. The real kicker: the bolt for my seat post clamp broke. Also, the bolt that holds my seat's clamp itself was stripped.

I've only had one ride fail due to mechanical issues before, but that one was more understandable. Unfortunately, I won't get the chance to ride again tomorrow.

This was my route plan. Nothing too difficult, but I wanted to be careful in case I ended up with any joint issues as this bike likely needs to be fit to me again since putting clipless pedals on it.

I found out something unfortunate when I got home:

I apologize in advance.

More after the break…

The spare bike I used was an Alfine 11-equipped Surly Cross-check that I had built up a while back, which I use sometimes to get to work. I recently had half-SPD pedals installed on it since I was tired of using platforms.


I started at 04:45 or so and took the same route as last time to avoid the Fremont Bridge. It wasn't closed this week, however.

I didn't take the 2nd Avenue bike lane as there was no traffic and I was heading down the hill pretty fast.

I've been aware of the bike for a while now.

I noticed that my knees weren't too happy, and when I looked up the type of discomfort at the front of the kneecaps, it said to try moving the seat forward. Upon trying that, I discovered that the clamp for the saddle rails was stripped. I tried to take a look at the saddle height, only to hear a faint 'snap' when I started to tighten it. This was bad news.

Since I was stuck, I just walked to a nearby bus stop and waited for the ride downtown.

Once downtown, I took the chance to photograph the new bike lane.

And then I just took the bus home. With everything that happened, it seemed like I was being told to not ride this weekend.

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