Monday, September 29, 2014

Franklin (2014-09-27)

A redo of a recent ride, modified to incorporate a sweet one-lane bridge.

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Part 1: To Sumner

I started at about 05:00 and went around the Fremont Bridge like last time, even though it was open this time. I had originally planned the route when the bridge repainting was closing the bridge, but I thought I might as well stick to it for the extra miles.

Rather than taking the 2nd Avenue bike lane, I just zipped down the parking lane to the right. I followed my usual route from there, including my deviation to 4th Avenue S to avoid the 1st Avenue S Bridge mess.

I eventually made it to the Interurban Trail and stuck to it through Kent and Auburn. It was cool and misty.

Once I got to Sumner, I stopped for a decaf drip since I was getting pretty chilled.

Part 2: Foothills

My route took me to the Foothills Trail just like last time. There were a lot of people with fishing gear on the trail near Orting, and I saw where they were headed:

Makes me want to go out and fish again like when I was in Alaska.

I noticed that—With the recent crankset replacement—I was stuck to either spinning out in a 36:17 ratio, or pushing just a little too hard in a 36:15 ratio. I also noticed that I'd been using a stem of too great a length for a very long time, which is why I've had a better time on the drops than on the hoods for so long. I called my local shop about the latter while stopped for a minute on the side of the trail, but just dealt with the former for a while.

Once I hit the end of the trail, I continued along the highway, and saw where it is supposed to go over the continuation of the Foothills Trail. There was nothing but a barely-worn line in the grass below.

I then made the left to head to Buckley.

When I stopped to use the barely-maintained public restroom on the trail, I saw this weird bit of graffiti:

Also, a bunch of teenagers in suits and dresses were blocking the trail with their photography.

I took SR-410 to exit Buckley, crossing the chute and river there. Maybe someday I'll think to photograph it, but I really would rather not get caught stopped along that bit of highway.

I also zipped through Enumclaw, and headed straight for the same turnoff as last time. Along that road, I saw a few other cyclists, too.

I got really excited as I approached the intersection where I turned right last time, and continued straight along Green River Gorge Road. This led me to the bridge I had been anticipating.

The bridge itself was either a truss cantilever or truss arch, but I couldn't get a good photo due to there being chain-link fence in front of the only usable viewpoints. One of the cyclists from earlier stopped at the bridge to also take some photos, and a few others passed through.

I headed out of the gorce along the same road. It got pretty steep in places, but I didn't even hit the bottom of my cassette with my new 26/36/48 chainrings!

My next stop was at the gas station in Black Diamond, where I met back up with the the main highway. I got an ice cream sandwich and refilled my water bottles…after waiting in line behind someone who apparently didn't know the PIN number for the debit card she had.

Rather than sticking to the highway, I along a familiar route to Ravensdale…after missing my turn and having to turn around with heavy traffic around. A lot of waiting.

I stopped in Hobart to eat some food. There were some folks with some very 'rural' accents and attire there.

From there, I went on my descent into Issaquah.

I first stopped at the Red Apple Market to get some ibuprofen as the bottle I've carried for a long time was emptying. I stopped for a mocha made with 'white coffee' next, and managed to avoid my guilty pleasure of a caramel apple at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shop next door.

Part 3: Return Home

Rather than taking the busy road through the I-90 interchange, I took a parallel road that saw very little traffic. Unfortunately, it was closed after a point.

However, I saw other folks walking and cycling along the fresh asphalt, so I went along it anyway.

I did get off the street right before it merged with a very road and got on the Rainier Greenway Trail to pass under I-90, and then jumped over to East Lake Sammamish Parkway to go around the lake.

I stopped in Marymoor Park to eat, then continued using the Sammamish River Trail.

I stopped to call my local bike shop when I got to Forty Acres Park to see about resolving something.

Once I got to Woodinville, I saw more teenagers in fancy attire.

According to one of my friends, it was probably homecoming. That would explain this, too.

I took my usual route from there, cutting over to the BGT as early as possible.

I got to the point where my legs stopped hurting normally and felt an entirely different degree of pain from the exertion all day. I hope the shop can figure that out before next weekend's ride.

I stopped to pick up some groceries at my local Fred Meyer.

Then I headed home and finished all this up.

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