Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bozeman (May 2014)

A little visit to the city of Bozeman and its vicinity.

The map below shows some hiking, some walking, and some cycling in addition to destinations reached via short road trips (easily noticeable by waypoints not connected by lines).

Unlike my cycling blog posts, this one will be more of a summary than an in-depth story.

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I stayed with someone I know for the duration. I got to know her pets, too, who were lots of fun. There are a few photos of her pets in the album, too.

When traveling alone, below was my main mode of transport. It wasn't humid at all, and the temperatures were quite comfortable. It only rained once while we were indoors.

I did something similar when I went to the British Isles. On my way there, I didn't realize that the wheels of my Brompton carrying bag really need to be at the rear when on the bike's rack. There was also a problem with my heels hitting the bag, but we managed to figure out a working solution.

There are a couple of maps of my rides in the album, too: from airport, to airport.

During my stay, I also got the strong feeling that local produce and products are very important in Bozeman. While they're also something of a focus in Seattle, the feeling was different there.

Notable Stops/Events

  1. The Nova Cafe (Saturday Morning)

    This place is known for some interesting weekend specials, and that's what I had. Local ingredients.

  2. Townshend's Bozeman Teahouse

    A newly-opened teahouse akin to a few back home in Seattle.

  3. Montana State University

    We watched ducks mate in a pond. They apparently have a small mating dance.

  4. Granny's Gourmet Donuts

    This place is run by a 'hippy' who has a very nice demeanor.

  5. Gallatin Roller Girlz Derby

    It was fun for a bit, but I eventually lost interest and wanted to either learn how to skate myself or just go ride my bike some more.

  6. Gallatin County Regional Park
  7. Norris Hot Springs

    It was akin to a large, public hot tub with cold water sprinkling down from above to regulate the water temperature. The 'pool' is directly above the spring and there is no piping of spring water. The food served uses local ingredients.

  8. "And now for Something Completely Different"

    I had never seen this before, oddly enough. There's just something about English humor.

  9. Stone Creek Trail

    We hiked along a simple trail. While my legs, arms, and lower face are used to getting a lot of sun, my upper face, forehead, and scalp ended up burned.

Bozeman has a nice little downtown, too.


As I was on roaming during much of my trip, I had to minimize data use and thus didn't tweet much. Further away from the city, neither of us had any mobile phone service, which is apparently fairly common there as it is once one gets far enough out of Seattle.

Beer gives me acid reflux, by the way.

For any more details, you ought to look at the album.

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