Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Cycles

I've noticed a long-term cycle that repeats through my life; unlike many of the most obvious ones, its period is typically months in length.

  1. Life goes pretty smoothly for a while and I handle things as they come.
  2. Something has a more significant impact on me, which starts small but slowly cascades to cover more and more of my thoughts. Unchecked, it very slowly, but usually, consumes me.
  3. My mind enters a turbulent period full of anxiety and discomfort. I feel mentally ill and the need to escape from everything.
  4. Often with help from someone, the issue is resolved. It could be that I finally get the result I want, or that I have some sort of epiphany that calms all of the anxiety.
  5. I slip into a new norm where everything goes smoothly. Oftentimes, I must discard elements from the previous smooth period in order to get everything "just right." I always feel like I've learned something new, either about myself, or something or someone else.
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