Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I feel like I got absolutely nothing done today.

Walked over Queen Anne

On my ~4.1 mile walk, I took some pretty sweet photos with my new camera. Below is just the cover image.

Walking Insight

After that, I put together a blog post comparing walking versus driving and how it changes our perspective on transportation.

Farmers' Market

I did my normal Sunday thing, but also got some fancy soaps while there!

Friendship Insight

It'd take too long for me to go over everything, but the key lesson learned here is that people other than me also try to glean more meaning from what others say than what those others originally intended. I no longer feel so alone in the world!

Random Photos

My new camera inspired me to take some random photos of elements of my life, too.

Vegetable Roast

And, of course, tasty food for the week!

Yep; I'm lazy.

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