Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hiding Almost in Plain Sight #1

Due to some issues I have, I've 'ducked' out of my usual Twitter account and ended up on a protected account which I don't advertise. Here's my log since I created it.

(The actual stuff is after the jump.)

2012-11-11 11:49:51-08:00

It makes me sad when people completely avoid discussing important things.

2012-11-11 11:22:21-08:00

Ugh, I feel like I'm making everyone hate me.

2012-11-11 11:18:39-08:00

"It's your fault; you hurt them." → Has a mental breakdown.

2012-11-11 11:18:16-08:00

It's to the point where I'm literally afraid of doing so.

2012-11-11 11:16:55-08:00

RT @takegami_bot / 2012-11-11 09:00:03-08:00:

#ThisDayInHistory 1942 – World War II: Nazi Germany completes its occupation of France.

2012-11-11 11:16:50-08:00

I hate making those about whom I care worry.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 10:00:48-08:00

This beet is HUGE!

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 08:48:16-08:00

I'm glad I'm not forced to do the same thing every Sunday morning.

2012-11-11 08:42:50-08:00

YOU guys CAN'T see ME!

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 08:16:35-08:00

Throw too much positivity at me and I'll just hide.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 06:23:37-08:00

So apparently, this.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 05:48:57-08:00


2012-11-11 05:48:53-08:00

There should be classes on teaching people how to learn on their own.

2012-11-11 05:46:35-08:00

School is important, but only ignorant people limit themselves to learning from it.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 05:29:11-08:00

Why does Skype not have spell-check, anyway? That's idiotic.

2012-11-11 05:26:05-08:00

I hate it when what I want and what I need are at odds with each other.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 05:14:39-08:00

Friends are dangerous.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 04:41:55-08:00

Apparently there's an episode of 'Know Your Meme' about it now.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 04:31:00-08:00

All of the most interesting cities are also counties.

2012-11-11 04:27:30-08:00

Sony DVR Useless After Rovi Stops TV Guide OnScreen @slashdot

2012-11-11 04:24:40-08:00

I remember back before was being used EVERYWHERE.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 04:21:04-08:00

It's scary when friends are let too close.

2012-11-11 04:12:42-08:00


@takeshita_kenji / 2012-11-09 17:52:22-08:00

You know what? Fuck it, I'm logging out of this.

From Seattle, WA

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 03:15:00-08:00

I suppose this is better than synthesized/processed drugs.

2012-11-11 02:53:32-08:00

Of course, this means nobody will ever understand me again.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-11 02:25:40-08:00

An active friend of mine also dealt with reduced exercise → depression. I think that means I've discovered the 'secret' of exercise.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 19:17:50-08:00

Minor things have a much larger impact on me than they should. People would be surprised at my mental turmoil.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 18:31:42-08:00

I'm still loving this. 【波音リツキレ音源】ODDS&ENDS(full)【UTAUカバー】:

2012-11-10 17:53:45-08:00

I just feel so much calmer and happier after exercising strenuously.

2012-11-10 17:51:35-08:00

Hmm. It turns out exercise is what prevents me from falling into depression on a regular basis. Well!

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 16:52:46-08:00

Unlike a caffeine high, an exercise high doesn't make me feel starved.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 16:41:04-08:00

I'm high off of exercise, you guys.

2012-11-10 16:29:36-08:00

Yep, I just spun on my trainer for an hour. I'm back.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 16:05:20-08:00

World’s Most Entitled Driver Sentenced to Wear “Idiot” Sign -

2012-11-10 16:03:14-08:00

First-Ever Sunday Streets Event Transforms Downtown Berkeley -

2012-11-10 15:57:27-08:00

In this way, bicycles are personal survival tools. The Power of Bicycles in Disaster Recovery – The Atlantic Cities

2012-11-10 15:23:43-08:00

The hardest part about new brake pads is feathering them rather than mashing them.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 15:02:45-08:00

RT @rowbutts / 2012-11-03 07:04:16-07:00:

"Madoka is the most important character in Homestuck"

2012-11-10 15:02:29-08:00

@ohaimshannon We do.

2012-11-10 15:01:42-08:00

RT @jiheishouji / 2012-11-10 10:36:25-08:00:

a Japanese homestuck troll whose quirk is instead of writing kana he writes the original manyogana

2012-11-10 14:57:13-08:00

Drawin' stuffs.

2012-11-10 14:43:58-08:00

Heh…hiding in plain sight.

2012-11-10 14:43:41-08:00

One of my cats is sniffing my ankles.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 13:14:54-08:00

RT @GeorgeTakei / 2012-11-10 10:56:01-08:00:

Marriage equality AND marijuana laws passed? Now we know what Leviticus really meant by "A man who layeth with another man must be stoned."

2012-11-10 12:15:13-08:00

So apparently I had geolocation turned off. Well, it's on now.

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 12:11:14-08:00

*on two wheels

@2W_bread / 2012-11-10 10:34:31-08:00

On two she's for the first time since my surgery. With all that walking, my legs feel great!

From Seattle, WA

2012-11-10 11:30:29-08:00

These new brake pads feel awesome, you guys.

2012-11-10 10:58:20-08:00

I wish we had a REAL #bicycle crossing over here.

2012-11-10 10:34:31-08:00

On two she's for the first time since my surgery. With all that walking, my legs feel great!

2012-11-10 09:56:00-08:00

So I'm doing a once-over of my bike before going over it, and it looks like the bike shop left my rear brake unbalanced.

2012-11-10 09:24:38-08:00

I just sneezed on one of my cats.

2012-11-10 09:09:58-08:00

I watched my first episode of Panty and Stocking this morning, by the way.

2012-11-10 09:06:43-08:00

Parody is fun because those who aren't deeply involved with something can apply their own intepretation.

2012-11-10 09:02:56-08:00

Having no followers means I don't need to care.

2012-11-10 08:52:52-08:00

"There’s no “flexibility” argument here, though – urban corridors don’t pack up and move, they never have and they never will."

2012-11-10 08:50:43-08:00

Don't compliment me when I'm feeling down; it only makes me feel worse.

2012-11-10 08:18:28-08:00

It's strange, but compliments only have been bringing me down lately.

2012-11-10 08:18:19-08:00

Everyone seems to want to change the topic whenever I bring up these sorts of issues.

2012-11-10 08:17:43-08:00

I really need to have someone separate me from myself and send my selves into separate time-out corners.

2012-11-10 08:02:19-08:00

Nepeta is dead. #Homestuck

2012-11-10 07:55:42-08:00

The current situation necessitating this account.

2012-11-10 07:33:54-08:00

Apparently my smoke alarm has a setting akin to "beep every few minutes until the end of time." Resetting it cleared that setting.

2012-11-10 07:30:12-08:00

Time to steer clear of Google+ for a while.

2012-11-10 07:20:43-08:00

My mind has been cleared.

2012-11-10 06:53:53-08:00

I've realized that I'll never be good at singing.

2012-11-10 06:48:30-08:00

It's funny how much of an impact things have on me, and nobody realizes.

2012-11-10 06:31:12-08:00

I have social life issues.

2012-11-10 05:54:12-08:00

Don't you just hate it when you want to do something, but it is insurmountably difficult and would take more practice than will dictates?

2012-11-10 05:46:32-08:00

Okay, recording English UTAU is REALLY hard…I don't think I can do it.

2012-11-10 03:34:31-08:00

"Girls want to hug you!" → Runs away.

2012-11-09 20:01:13-08:00

If you keep trying to pull me closer, I'll keep trying harder to get away.

2012-11-09 19:17:15-08:00

Come on!!!!!!!!

2012-11-09 19:15:29-08:00

Safe dashboard on Tumblr: no posts shown.

2012-11-09 18:56:59-08:00

I complain about having no friends, but as soon as I get some close friends I try to push them away. When that fails, I run.

2012-11-09 18:35:45-08:00

Oho, now my tweets are protected. Problem, world?

2012-11-09 18:27:40-08:00

In any case, I do feel much better now that I have no close no close followers.

2012-11-09 18:25:24-08:00

Wow, I really AM my own worst enemy!

2012-11-09 18:25:16-08:00

Which means I'm the cause for my own first major descent into depression in junior high…

2012-11-09 18:24:52-08:00

Perhaps all these times I've "been kicked" from a circle of friends…I have been preemptively removing myself from the group…

2012-11-09 18:24:06-08:00

I just realized something…

2012-11-09 18:16:06-08:00

I can voice my thoughts without anything now.

2012-11-09 18:09:41-08:00

Maybe I'll feel better with a fresh account.

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