Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snohomish Bus Adventure

Today revolved around yet another bus adventure, this time to Snohomish.

I departed Bothell for downtown Seattle via the 120 and 522, and bought some new music at Uwajimaya, along with a snack. Despite taking my time, I still had an hour before my bus out came. To waste time, I rode the 36 up to Westlake Center, then the 194 in the tunnel back to the bus stop at Jackson.

When the 424 finally did come, I was dismayed to find out that the seats I wanted wouldn't recline, but did sit in them regardless. As my previous excursion via the 424, it was odd riding a CT bus over the floating bridge and through Kirkland. The scenery changed for the better as we got further out along SR-522, which itself turned into a super two closer to Monroe.

Just past Monroe, at the intersection with US-2, a train started crossing the road before the traffic light turned green, so we were stuck for five minutes or so. I was amazed, as I had never been on a bus when this happened before.

The trip back, via the 270, 201, and 535 was uneventful, though I do believe I saw someone from UW on the last leg.

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