Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quimper and South Whidbey (2016-09-24)

A little ride around Puget Sound.

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I spent most of this ride adjusting my saddle position, most of which involved moving it down. It kept getting better, though there's still room for improvement.

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Part 1: To Ferry

I started at about 05:00 as usual, heading to the Bainbridge Island ferry. I had my panniers mounted on my bicycle's fork after what happened on my last ride.

Part 2: Bainbridge, Kitsap, and Quimper

It was a pretty uneventful ride across Bainbridge Island, through Polusbo, across the Hood Canal Bridge, and north on SR-19.

Rather than staying on SR-19 all the way to Port Townsend, however, I went through Four Corners and got onto the Larry Scott Trail.

The trail was primarily hardpack, tiny gravel…and dead, wet leaves. I was worried about losing traction up the steeper bits.

The trail eventually dove down to Port Townsend Bay. I'd actually been on this section of the trail, but that was long before I was comfortable with gravel and I was scared enough to always use SR-20 instead until this ride. I love gravel now.

At the end of the trail, I ended up riding along a gravel parking lot, then small streets to SR-20 and the ferrry to Whidbey Island. The guy at the booth didn't give me an actual ticket card when I paid, but the lady who was supposed to scan them didn't have time and let me on anyway.

There were a lot of motorcycles on the ferry.

The guy's name is Pat Rodden, who's been in the Seattle Times because of his arduous trek to the northern tip of North America. He was quite eager to share his story with various ferry passengers, too.

Part 3: Whidbey Island

While Pat took the low route to Coupeville, I went over a ridge to get there.

And then I went on a little loop along Penn Cove.

I stopped in Coupeville on the way back, which I'd never visited properly before, to get some ice cream.

I took SR-20 and SR-525 down along Whidbey Island, stopping once for some bottled coffee in Greenbank.

I ended up spending the entire ride eating, using the restroom at the terminal after disembarking.

Part 4: Mukilteo Boulevard

There was some climbing from the water, but the ride along Mukilteo Boulevard once up a bit of the ridge wasn't too difficult.

The only thing I really remember about the bus ride is a guy who was in a very colorful getup complete with facepaint…and a Sharpie through his nostrils (he had a hole between them).

Part 5: Return Home

It was still comfortably warm for the last bit of the ride home, too.

It might've been short relative to some rides, but I had to be somewhere the next morning, so I couldn't get home super late.

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