Monday, August 1, 2016

Not Feeling Too Well (2016-07-23)

Plan A was heading out along the Quimper Peninsula, but I wasn't feeling well so I tried a simpler ride to South Prairie. I still had to turn back early at Sumner.

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Ever since a couple days after getting home from the the STP, I've had trouble keeping electrolytes going properly when at rest. I kept ending up sick to my stomach and dizzy a lot of the time, and had to go pretty overboard with sports drinks. It's been far worse on days without riding, or with only my commute. I didn't have the energy for my original plan.

Deciding to just ride to South Prairie and back for safety, I left a half-hour late.

The ride went okay, but I definitely was having trouble beyond pedaling. Minor dizziness kept me on my toes the whole time, too.

When I stopped to refill my bottles at the Starbucks in Kent, I got a half-caff americano to give me a small boost. All it really did was clear out most of the bad physical feelings, and my mood wasn't fixed at all. I took this as a sign.

I took the West Valley Highway because I was feeling pretty emotionally dead and didn't want to deal with bits of no shoulder on my usual route along the East Valley Highway.

I stopped at a cafe in Sumner and decided to get bacon and a malted hot fudge milkshake to give me a stronger kick. Pretty much anything is healthy when exercising like this!


The kick didn't really fix my mood, but I started on my way back nonetheless. I decided to go via the Sumner business park and the Sumner Link Trail, then along back roads through Pacific to the C Street Trail to Auburn. I really felt like getting some coffee in Auburn, so I went to the Green River Cyclery as the folks there like to chat.

I noticed a lot of cool cycling books among the tables, including a few issues of Bicycle Quarterly. I also saw pamphlets for the Courage Classic, which a lot of locals are doing. In fact, a number of the customers who stopped by the shop while I was there were also doing it.

Rather then head back the way I came, I went out along the Frager Road to the Green River Trail. The caffeine was definitely doing its thing and my mood was finally where I wanted it.

I stopped by a park along the trail to eat, and ended up chatting with a number of folks training for the Courage Classic.

After they left, I started on my way back north as well, taking the Green River Trail all the way to South Park. Something that caught my eye along the way was the very low level of the river.

While I stopped in South Park to get a Gatorade and more water, I called up Cyclefab to see if they were open, as I had been talking to them about a rack modification on the bike I had been riding. Oddly enough, they actually were open, and I headed their way once done with my drink.

Bus Ride Home

With that, the only real option was a bus ride home with all four of my bags. I started to feel worse along the way.

I got home fairly early and finished my day soon after, as I was pretty much done with the day.

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