Monday, August 18, 2014

Eatonville II (2014-08-16)

Why not go to Eatonville again?

You'll find more photos of the area in this album.

More after the break…

Part 1: To Orting

I started at the usual time of 05:00 and headed straight south through downtown Seattle.

However, I didn't have to deal with mess around the First Avenue S Bridge, as I diverted via 4th Avenue S instead.

And then I took the Interurban Trail.

When I stopped at a park in Kent, I accidentally stepped in a pile of human feces next to a bench and had to spend some time cleaning out my left cleat. Nice job on maintenance, City of Kent.

I left the Interurban Trail in northern Algona to avoid the nasty pavement in Pacific, and took the C Street Trail instead. Next, I went along the East Valley Highway, which I've taken on the way home in the past. The shoulder southbound is a bit more continuous.

I left the highway just south of the Puyallup River crossing in order to use the Foothills Trail, which I followed until Orting, where I was chased by a small dog.

Part 2: Foothills

I stopped at the local bakery for water and a doughnut.

And then I left the trail to take Oroville Road south.

I passed by Lake Kapowsin, then saw some Dan Henry arrows on the pavement. I knew it'd be a stiff climb up to the one signed intersection here, and I had hoped that this was an alternate route. It wasn't, and I had to turn back and get back on my route.

After following the same route as last time in reverse, including the last steep climb into town, I hit Eatonville.

And then I stopped at Bruno's for a small plate of spaghetti and mushrooms.

From there, I headed back north along Oroville Road.

I just rode through Orting to hit the Foothills Trail again, where I met an annoying headwind.

Part 3: Return Home

Like usual, I stopped for a triple mocha in Sumner.

I then headed through the Sumner industrial parks, where some houses still remained, and then got on the East Valley Highway.

Next, I jumped over to the Interurban Trail and continued to fight the wind. As usual, I left it at S 196th St and headed up Oakesdale through Kent and Renton.

By the time I got to Renton, my legs were basically at their limit. I had to reduce output to prevent damage.

And then I went along the Lake Washington Loop all the way along Rainier and Lake Washington Boulevard.

I took my usual Montlake Bridge-avoiding route along Boyer, then crossed the University Bridge and took the Burke-Gilman Trail much of the way home. I knew I wasn't fast enough for Northlake Way.

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