Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Musings During Jury Duty

While killing time during one of the long waits associated with jury duty yesterday, I scribbled this down:

My handwriting is also worthless.

It's not that it's boring; it's that I have trouble channeling a coherent train of thought without structured stimuli. My mind jumps from thought to thought without allowing any proper development. That is, unless I find something particularly interesting.

My attention span is worthless.

There really are all sorts of stimuli out there; those who claim to be bored are just ignoring them, which iss fairly normal as we are thought to do so. Really, paying attention to them more often than not prevents focusing on more important things.

The Web acts as a source of mildly structured stimuli for me, which is why I often, though not always, turn to it. Social interaction is a form of stimulus structuring with a somewhat useful contex.

I transcribed it verbatim, against my normal process of proofreading while I do so.

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