Friday, September 28, 2012

Limiting One's Own Enjoyment With Equipment Snobbiness

Not too infrequently, I've noticed how some people say, "I would never (X) without (some inconvenient/difficult-to-use piece of equipment designed specifically for X)," yet say they dislike carrying (said item) around with them and don't do (X) anymore because of it. The most frequent example would be the DSLR lover who hates bringing it around, yet 'loves' photography too much to take photographs with, say, a mobile phone camera.

I see two problems here:

  1. They invest quite a lot into their ideal tool, only to stow it away for it never to see the light of day once they realize how 'inconvenient' it is.
  2. They never partake in their favored activity anymore because they're too snobby to accept a more 'convenient' alternative.

Why invest in the 'inconvenient' device and never use it? That's just plain wasteful.

Why prevent yourself from your own enjoyment this way? If you enjoy it, don't keep yourself from doing it because of how snobby you are about the tools you use.

I personally do know the value of a discrete camera, and frequently use a 'consumer-level' point-and-shoot that's comparable to a mobile phone in girth when I plan on taking large sets of photos, but use a mobile phone for a quick shot here and there.

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