Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dream: Mountain Spring and Waterfall

I know for a fact that I've had this dream before, which is why it's interesting. The overarching plot starts off with me wanting to run away from home, and through the course I visit multiple different locations. I'll only describe the snapshots that I can recall.

  1. I start by walking down my homestreet, which isn't so abnormal. I make a left at the tee.
  2. A thought runs through my mind, "If I keep going this way, through the mountains, I'll end up in Everett." I even see the mountains in the distance. Strangely, there aren't any actual mountains between where I live and Everett in real life.
  3. I end up passing through a rural area reminiscent of the rural Cascade foothills, with light forest and a lot of grass on the slopes.
  4. Eventually, I arrive at a massive spring, where the water is clear and the bed is made of white rock. There are executives of some sort ("suits") in the water, and I mention to one that I've been in the pool before. He only utters a bit of poetry in response.
  5. My next stop is where the road I'm walking along makes a light right turn, with the stream originating from the spring separating it from the base of a cliff. A high road runs across the top of the cliff.
  6. I exit the forest, only to come to a series of waterfalls in a somewhat more barren landscape. I had been off the road for some time, instead opting for a paved path originating from it. The path splits, with one end capped with a balcony and the other direction crossing a bridge similar to this one, only using steel tubing instead of wood. The bridge crosses a very tall, yet moderately wide waterfall, which levels off for a hundred meters, then cascades down a much wider set of horseshoe falls. I take out my camera and snap photos of the scenery, but when I get to the bridge I hesitate, remembering my last experience. The bridge begins to violently sway in a manner similar to that of a boat as I try to cross it, forcing me to return to the path.
  7. I climb various other paths to take photos of odd sculptures that adorn the ridge visible from the balcony, where other tourists do the same.

It's an interesting dream, but I only recall having had it once before.

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